Friday, August 31, 2012

Perfectly Skinny

We're all in love with AG's latest skinny jean: the "Legging" in 11 Years Repair. They are absolutely the most comfortable, worn in, perfectly distressed skinnies we've come across in a while!!! Pair these with one of the numerous chunky knits out there, a fabulous pair of boots, and a Chan Luu scarf for the perfect fall outfit.

The "Legging" in 11 Years Repair

If a skinny jean is not your thing, maybe AG's "Stilt," a classic cigarette leg, in 5 Years will do the trick. This is perhaps AG's most popular style, and for good reason!!! It is the perfect length and width for most figures, has a slightly higher rise, and is done in a mid-blue rinse...the perfect wash for an everyday jean!

The "Stilt" in 5 Years

AG Does Leather (Kind Of)...

As we've mentioned in previous blogs, leather is a huge look moving forward whether it be in the form of a top, dress, skirt, or pants. AG's take on this trend is evident in their "Leatherette" leggings, their skinniest cut done in a faux leather finish.

Leatherette Leggings in Brown

Pair this slim silhouette with an over sized, off the shoulder number and boots for an edgy look, OR opt for a fitted jacket, silk tank, and platform pumps for a sleek and sexy alternative. These pants are ridiculously fabulous; they're a "must try" at the very least!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Basics are back from C&C!!! This time in bold colors, which is soooo much better! You've heard so much about colored denim paired with basic colored tops, and shopped this "look" all season, but why not flip it? Pairing a brightly colored top with a pair of basic colored jeans is still a bold look, yet may be easier for some of us to do! Doing a basic jean, bright colored tank, and layering it under a  sweater not only brings out the color of the sweater, but also jazzes it up a bit. Have a look below at the colors we received in C&C's "Classic Tank."

With all the colors coming in for fall, how can you not be just a little bit excited???

Rebecca Taylor

Rumpled Satin Halter Dress in Pinot

We're all loving the rich, wine coloured hue of this "Rumpled Satin Halter Dress" by Rebecca Taylor. Everything about this dress is beautiful from it's piped edge trim to it's high-low simple, yet so chic! I can't wait to see it paired with a second skin leather jacket, opaque tights, and booties. What a fabulous outfit!



We just received some great basics from Splendid! Transitioning into the fall season can be difficult, not only mentally, but also in the wardrobe department (being an Edmontonian, we're never quite sure what the weather has in store for us, do we?!?). Because of this, it's always best to layer, and Splendid makes it easy with their ultra light tees and cardis.

Striped Shirting received in Henna
 Very Light Jersey received in Black

Loose Knit received in Grey
Knit Cardi received in Black

Come in while sizes last!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We just unpacked this beauty of a number by Mackage: the "Boa-C" in Black. I LOVE the leather sleeves and trim on this jacket; it gives it a bit of an edge. Not only would this be a great jeans and t-shirt topper, but it would be amazing over a cocktail dress and booties. To die for? ABSOLUTELY!!!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Spots By Splendid

These "Leopard Print Downtown Leggings" in Caviar and Garnet have all the elements that make Splendid a fan favourite: comfort and style!!! These leggings also come with an ankle side zipper, which sets them apart from all the other leggings out there. Throw these on with an over sized, slouchy sweater and motorcycle boots for an effortlessly chic look.

Leopard Print Downtown Legging in Caviar

Leopard Print Downtown Legging in Garnet


Rebecca Minkoff

Not only do we have more of Rebecca Minkoff's coveted MACs, but we also received the "Wallet on a Chain" in Red Python.

This is THE perfect bag for anyone who is constantly switching from a day bag to an evening clutch; the chain is also detachable for when you just need a wallet. Clip it on and you have an instant going out purse, without the hassle of having to transfer all your time saver!!! It's a double duty extraordinaire!!! Fill the wallet with all your necessities, from money to credit cards, to your phone (it's big enough to fit my iPhone AND my money, but half the reason is probably because I barely have any cash...haha), then throw it in your bag for the day. When it's time for a change, just pull out your wallet and clip on the chain. It couldn't be any easier!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jerd's Corner: Fall Essentials

I know many of you won't believe me, but I'm trying to downsize this fall sticking only to the bare necessities. My first official fall purchase was the Vince "Ribbed Poncho," this will be the fall sweater for me. There are many reasons why I chose this. Firstly, it is over sized, so even if I eat a couple extra Subways on campus, no one will ever notice...Secondly, the color is the perfect neutral that will go with everything (both cool and warm tones)...a total no brainer (I need all the brain power I can get!!!. Thirdly, it's one of the only wool sweaters that I don't find super itchy...seriously, I need to pounce on these opportunities when they come about! Lastly, it's long enough for leggings, a "must" for me, and an essential for study days!!!
Ribbed Poncho

So, how will I be wearing this? Most likely, I will be sporting this sweater with either leggings, or skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. I also think it will be super cute over my floral dresses and a pair of desert booties. I also can see it worn over a maxi skirt and combat boots; I'll reserve this option for a real adventurous day!
Other items on my radar this season: a new pair of "Dreamy Delicious" jeggings, brown riding boots, leathery pants, and a couple of new Wildfox Tees. There that's it, pretty good right?
*** This doesn't mean I don't accept "gifts"...Those are always welcomed!!!


What's Mabel Wearing???

Just because it's cold out, doesn't mean we have to be depressed. While Mabel is in a somber color palette this week, the all over glitz and pattern makes this outfit fun, fashionable, and fall appropriate! I absolutely LOVE the Winter Kate "Sequin Sweater Knit"... super cozy yet glamorous; this combination allows so much versatility. Dress it up a la Mabel, or make it casual with skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. Underneath my favorite sweater, Mabel is wearing the Funktional "Slither Wingback Dress" in Black; I love the pattern!!! Although I love this dress layered, it also looks great alone...a real stand out piece. For jewels, Mabel is wearing House of Harlow, Chan Luu, and Charlotte K. Of course, no Yu girl can leave the house (or the store) without her Rebecca Minkoff, so Mabel is wearing the "Mac Daddy," which is the perfect size for all of us high maintenance ladies (sorry, I need to carry more than 4 lip glosses!!!).

Friday, August 24, 2012

Brand New Chan Luu!

Our Chan Luu display is stocked with enough jewelry to make you lose your mind! Tons of colours, beads,and sparkles...I could stare at it all day. Jessie mentioned the newest wrap bracelets in her last blog, but we also received some fabulous necklaces!!! They have the same feel as the classic wrap bracelet, and are made with the same delicate care. They're great for layering, but still glamorous enough to stand on their own. Just when you thought Chan Luu couldn't get any more amazing OR addictive!!!


Diane's Current Obsession...

Diane has been gushing about her latest obsession since the day began, and you've heard enough about MY obsessions, so it's time for you to hear about HER'S. She's become a fan girl over Justin Beiber about this sweater. If this sweater was a person, she'd probably stalk it (I'm not supposed to make her sound crazy, but please, we already know she is)! I do have to say though that this obsession of her's isn't totally without merit, even I love this sweater! So, without further Diane's current obsession: "The Traveller" by Line, in Hunter.

"The Traveller" takes cozy cashmere to the next level, like a "big warm hug but better." Diane loves the exaggerated bell sleeve, claiming it is a "glamourama sweater" and of course, we could all use one of those. During this season, it's hard to find a way to stand out amongst the sea of sweaters, but from the button up sleeves to the drapey back, there is no way you'd go unnoticed in this! It definitely lives up to it's name, and would be the perfect travel companion because of it's versatility (unbutton the sleeves to transform it into a cozy wrap or scarf). Actually, it would probably be Diane's perfect life companion as well; the quiet, easy going, cuddly friend that gets along with her other "friends"...aka the rest of her wardrobe! Even though her obsession with this sweater may be a bit extreme, she definitely picked a great piece to "fan girl" over; everything about it is to die for!

So, hurry in and grab this sweater for yourself, and with no extra charge, you'll get to hear Diane rave about this sweater herself!!!


Get in "Line"

On a chilly day like today, what could be better than cozy new sweaters from Line?!? If you've been waiting for your perfect fall knit, the wait is over!
The Buckingham in Timberwolf and
The Wise Owl in Tundra
The Bloomsbury in Dune/Fog
Line hits it out of the park with "The Buckingham" and "The Wise Owl," two chunky knits in gorgeous fall colours. They are extremely cozy, without being too heavy because...wait for it...they are 100% cotton! Finally, for everyone that can't wear wool or cashmere (which, by the way, is a tragedy) there's a sweater that makes up for everything you've missed out on and then some!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jessie's Last blog: Chan Luu

For those of you who don't know, I am jetting off to London, England for school, so I'm saddened to say that this will be my last official post!  Over the last two and a half years, Yu Fashion has definitely wedged it's way into my heart. I mean, what's not to love? Being surrounded by stunning clothes, jewelry, shoes etc. all day, and of course, ALL the amazing customers and friends that I've made, and come to know over the years! For my final blog I thought I would leave you with MY current obsession...Chan Luu!!! Well, to tell you the truth, Chan Luu has been an obsession of mine ever since I first started working here, and with the help of Diane and Fay my collection has grown considerably over the years. Lucky for me (and all of you Chan Luu lovers out there), we just received a huge shipment of wrap bracelets and necklaces (perfect timing)! Here's a peek at a few of the goodies:

Well, it's been a slice! Stay tuned because I'll be making guest blog appearances from jolly old England...once a Yu girl, ALWAYS a Yu girl!!! XOXO - Jessie


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession (AGAIN)...

You're probably all tired of hearing from me by now (sometimes I even get tired of myself, I understand), but I've got one more obsession to share with you, whether you like it or not, but I'm sure you'll like it...because this time around, it's a Wildfox pick! How could you not love it?!?
I am a huge fan of thunderstorms, lightning, and all! I'd rather run outside and puddle jump in the pouring rain than sit inside and beg for the sun. I understand that not everyone loves a good storm like I do, there's not a sane person that doesn't love rainbows! Not liking rainbows is pretty much saying you don't like to be happy, and I'm pretty sure that's illegal (or it ought to be).
Take one rainbow, add some warm fuzzies, mix it all together, and what do you get? Wildfox's "Rainbow Baggy Beach Jumper" in Ghost Blue! I always say, Wildfox is love at first feel, and their Baggy Beach Jumpers are prime evidence of that. I just love how cozy this sweater is; it's the perfect mix of relaxed fit and a super soft "I wish they made blankets like this" material that make it so lovable. Then, the rainbow comes along and punches the calm, pale blue sweater square in the face with a fistful of happiness. It promotes the sweater to the top of the first page of my fall/winter must haves (yes, first page!!! You think I would only have one page of must-haves?!? Puh-lease, not when you have all of Yu to choose from!).  This sweater is absolutely perfect for those rainy days...oh, the irony.

Rainbow Baggy Beach Jumper in Ghost Blue
Even though I love storms, sometimes I wish I could have a rainbow right in the middle of the downpour. Wildfox has made sure that you don't need to wait until after the storm to have your rainbow, you can have both at the same time!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Fabulous Funktional

Funktional does it again with more one of a kind finds! The pieces we just received are the definition of trendy and unique, while still being super easy to wear. Funktional definitely proves it can live up to its name!

Chunky V Neck Sweater received in Black
Silk Fold Front Blouse
received in Cranberry, Black, and Pearl 
Silk Float Top in Black
Slither Wing Back Dress in Black
My favourite is the classic "Silk Fold Front Blouse" in Cranberry. This top is a tried and true Yu favourite, but gets a makeover in this gorgeous pink/red shade! Wear it in place of your usual button-up blouse to add a pop of colour, and an original twist (literally) to an everyday item. Wherever you go, you'll be sure to steal the spotlight in this top!!!

Feed Your Ella Moss Addiction!

If you're as addicted to Ella Moss as we are, you'll be jumping for joy with our newest item: the "Vida Scoop Neck Top" in Taupe!!! The muted colours in this top make it perfect for transitioning into the fall, but with the flowy fit you can rock it right now with either shorts or your favourite skinnies...throw on a Chan Luu scarf for a more bohemian feel.

Vida Scoop Neck Top in Taupe

Your Newest Party Cardi!

Everyone loves a good party, just like everyone loves a good cardigan. The Charlotte Tarantola "Leopard Cardigan" puts a little bit of glam into your average cardigan, and gives you your newest go to "party cardi!" This time around, it's a leopard print party with adorable crystal buttons as the special guest! Pair it with your favourite pair of jeans, and you'll bring the party everywhere you go!


Soooooooo Excited!!!

This beautifully draped, felted wool over coat is absolutely TO-DIE-FOR!!! I envision it worn over a fitted cream turtleneck, dark skinnies, chocolate riding boots, and over sized sunnies...LOVE.

Drape Hooded Coat in Heather Maple/Cafe

Back View


I'm SOOOOOOOOOO in love with Vince's "Jacquard Leather Trim Car Coat" in Heather Carbon, can you blame me?!? With it's beautiful texture and over sized fit, this is the quintessential "throw and go" piece!!!


Kiki's Current Obsession (Part 2)...

     Yesterday, I pulled 2 outfits together based on my favourite shoes. Easy, right? Not for this girl! That was one of the hardest things I've done, even compared to a university final, or pulling myself out of bed before 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning (and let me tell you, that's near impossible!!!). A little look behind the scenes of yesterday's "Kiki's Current Obsession," and you'd see me running around the store, switching pieces in and out, consulting the Yu Fashion Police (Fay and Diane), some staring wordlessly at whatever it was that I had put together, and a whole lot of losing my mind. After all my sweat and tears, I did manage to create 2 amazing outfits, but that wasn't without sacrifice!

     You know that piece in your closet that you absolutely LOVE, but it doesn't seem to go with the outfit you're wearing, no matter how hard you try to incorporate it? I ran into that problem with the 7FAM "Skinny" in Peacock, and I just couldn't bear leaving them behind, so here we are with "Kiki's Current Obsession Part 2!!!"


     You might be thinking..."Another pair of coloured jeans, what is so special about these?", but these aren't  just your ordinary coloured jeans, they're cords!!! It makes me think back to when I was a child, wearing my corduroy OshKosh overalls, except this time, the corduroy I'll be wearing is actually fabulous and stylish, and in the most beautiful teal jewel tone too! These are the perfect pair of pants for transitioning into fall; right now, pair them with nude heels and a floral silk tank, but when fall comes, tuck them into boots (like the Ugg "Fabrice" boots!) and throw on a chunky sweater! Like I did yesterday, you'll regret ever leaving these behind!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession...

"I have enough shoes, I don't need anymore."-said NOBODY EVER!

     You can never have enough shoes; no matter what it is, there is ALWAYS a reason to buy more. New heels for a dress, new boots for the fall season, or new flats because you just feel sorry for yourself. This week, I chose 2 of my favourite pairs of shoes, summoned my inner fashionista, and with a little bit (okay, a lot bit) of thinking, I created outfits to go with them!

     My first outfit is based off of the Alessandra Ambrosio loves "Melissa Glitter Pumps," or as I like to call them, Barbie's (and Kiki's) dream shoes! Not only are they covered in disco ball dust, but they have the cutest bow detail at the back. As you've heard from me multiple times, I am a firm believer in the "comfortable yet stylish" combo, and these shoes are perfect 10's in both categories! Like a spirit animal, all fashionistas have to have a spirit shoe, and these are totally mine!

     I paired my spirit shoes with 7FAM's "Slim Illusion Skinnies" in Dark Rinse, Winter Kate's "Black Seal Skin Tank" (the most amazing velvet top you will ever meet, complete with a killer knotted back, but you'll have to come in and see for yourself!), Charlene K "Druzy" necklace, and the head turning Rebecca Minkoff Embossed Python "Swing Bag," and you thought these shoes couldn't get any better! From the bag to the necklace, every part of this outfit screams "Kiki." My style, when it comes to dressing up, is pretty simple, but definitely nothing less of fabulous. This would be my "go to" dinner and drinks outfit, simple yet stunning!

       Outfit number two is inspired by the Ugg "Fabrice" boots in Stout. They remind me of Jeffrey Campbell "Litas," but more unique, wearable, and durable for the upcoming winter (that word is cringe worthy I know, but sometimes you just have to face the facts). The combination of the brass hardware, and chocolate leather might be the best pairing EVER, right after my favourite style/comfort duo. If any boot was designed with Kiki in mind, these would be them!

     The boots get even more Kiki kicked into them with my clothing choices: Wildfox "Lennon Gypsy Baby" sweater, Doma "Washed Lamb Hooded Leather Jacket," and AG "Stilts" in Dark Night. The Lennon sweater has always been one of my favourites because of the uber cozy material and super relaxed fit. I recently fell in love with dream catchers (don't even ask how many I have), so of course, I also fell in love with this print. It is the ideal "free-spirit" symbol and lately, I am all about being a "free-spirit" (not quite sure what being a free-spirit entails, but I want to be one anyways). The Doma jacket and ever stylish AG's just complete my look!


Well ladies, there you have it, proof that you can NEVER have too many pairs of shoes!!! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff

For those of you who missed out on the last shipment from Rebecca Minkoff, we just received a replenishment of the "Cupid" and "MAC" bags in a variety of different colors. We also received the "MAC Daddy" which is a larger version of the "MAC", perfect for those of us who need a little extra carrying room. Hurry in, because they go fast!

Cupid Bag in Black

MAC Daddy in Black

Love Heals

I could hardly contain my excitement as I was opening our latest shipment from Love Heals. How stunning are these hand beaded leather cuffs!?! I can't wait to add one (or all) of these beauties to my collection of arm candy. Trust me when I say it's a near impossible task choosing a favorite; however, purchasing one of these bracelets may lay a little easier on your conscience, as 10 trees are planted for every bracelet sold.


What's Mabel Wearing???

We should all embrace our wild side once in awhile, and Mabel is showing us how it's done by mixing a variety of animal prints this week. I know many of you ladies shy away from bold animal prints thinking it too flashy; however, it can be a fun and easy way to make a boring outfit a little more interesting. Mabel, being the fashionista that she is, has paired the "Python Henley" in Sienna from Rebecca Taylor with a leopard Chan Luu scarf, and lace shorts from Free people. I love the mix of the prints, sooo chic!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wild for Wildfox!

This just in...a new shipment of Wildfox! We received a boxful of our favourite Lennon Sweaters in fun new prints, and more Wildfox classics. A perfect pick me up for the "summer is almost over" blues!

Juliet's Song Hippy V-Neck (Ceramic White)

Love Me Baggy Beach Jumper (Ceramic White)
Cat Face Lennon Sweater (Grey Gardens)
Rugby Strip Cropped Billy Hoodie (Capulet Blue)
*also received: Milan Hippy Crew Top (Knight Black)
It's always hard to pick favourites when it comes to Wildfox, but if I had to pick one, I would go with the "Rugby Stripe Cropped Billy Hoodie." It has a similar feel and fit to the Lennon sweater, but with a totally different look. Like any other Wildfox piece, it is a perfect "throw and go" sweater!


Thursday, August 16, 2012


I know what you're thinking...are these really Uggs?!? Well ladies I'm pleased to inform you that yes, these beauties come from our favorite Aussie designer. Over the years Ugg is slowly branching out into more fashion forward footward, and I'm loving the results. Hurry in because sizes are going fast!

Fabrice Boot in Stout

Gillespie Boot in Charcoal 

Charlotte Tarantola

Today we received yet another fall sweater from Charlotte Tarantola. She has us intrigued with her interesting pieces and comfortable fabrics. The sweater we received is the "Stripe Lurex Top" in Gold and Cream. It has perfect detailing from the gold lurex thread throughout, to its plush feel, even to the buttons down the back; this sweater is the one you're going to grab first for a cooler afternoon out!

Who doesn't need another comfy sweater, not to mention one that can be worn with just about anything???
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