Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's Mabel Wearing???

Mabel's off to Hawaii!!! She just recently purchased an outfit from YU, but realized it would be perfect for those hot summer days, so off on vacation she went! (She was dying to wear it!) Mabel has on the Ella Moss "Marcell Scoop" top in Cobalt, as well as Joie's "Zandra Dress Shorts" in Caviar. She's accessorized with a variety of necklaces from of some of our favourite jewellery designers: Jocelyn Kennedy, Chan Luu, and Claudia. What's the best part of Mabel's outfit? Everything she is wearing can be worn into fall! I know she got spontaneous on us, jetting off to Hawaii for the sole purpose of wearing her outfit, but she's just as excited to come back and wear the "Marcell Scoop" top with a pair of skinny jeans, boots, and a cropped leather jacket. She also can't wait to wear her "Zandra Dress Shorts" with a pair of tights, long sleeve sweater, scarf, and booties. You just can't beat those year round pieces in your closet!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Starry, Starry Night!!!

We love stars, and apparently, so does the design team at Maison Scotch! Just in is the "Fancy Star" top in Black...super adorable, and easy to wear. The stars themselves are laser cut into the fabric (NOT a print), so have fun and layer with a coloured tank, OR fabulous bra if you dare!

"Fancy Star" Top received in Black

Dolce Cabo

We're so ecstatic to welcome Dolce Cabo into the Yu Fashion family!!! Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1999, Dolce Cabo is one of  North America's leading women's knitwear manufacturers. They use superior craftsmanship and materials to create the most exquisite quality knits, ALWAYS with an innovative edge.

Words cannot aderquately describe how lush and beautiful these furs are. Not only do they look fab, but they're also thin enough to be layered under a heavier coat for added warmth. LOVE these!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brrrr, It's Cold Outside!!!

Despite the beautiful sunshine, there most definitely is a bite in the air. No worries though, to soften the chill brought on by colder weather, we've just received another gorgeous sweater from Line: the "Kaleidoscope" in Stained Glass.

"Kaleidoscope" Sweater in Stained Glass

Yes, it's as yummy as it looks!!!

Jessie's Diary

Greetings from across the pond! I can't believe I have already been in London for 3 weeks; it has been a crazy whirlwind that's for sure! So many things to do, places to see, and stores to browse (and of course, school must fit in somewhere as well). Yu Fashion will always hold a special place in my heart, so I thought a monthly "diary" would be a great way to stay in touch, and share some of my favorite things/experiences.

So, for those of you who don't know, I am doing an MA in Fashion Retail at the London College of Fashion (I just found out that Jimmy Choo is a former graduate!!!). My campus is located right in the heart of downtown London, and so far I love it! My first assignment was to walk down Regent Street (one of London's most notorious shopping districts) and evaluate the stores based on the level of customer service they also gave me the opportunity to do some major shopping of my own! 

Aside from school and shopping, I have also gone to some amazing museums, my favorite being the Victoria and Albert museum (this museum is entirely dedicated to fashion). An amazing exhibit of ball gowns from the 1950's to 2011 were on glamorous!

Can't you imagine Diane twirling around the store in this number? 

Stay tuned for more posts from across the pond...once a Yu girl, always a Yu girl!!! xoxo Jessie


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maison Scotch

If you thought your fall wardrobe was finally stocked...think again! A girl's wardrobe is never complete, especially with the new pieces we just received from Maison Scotch! They both fall in the essential fall colour pallet, and thus are perfect additions to your closet!!
"Kimono Print Dress" in Multi

"Silky Breton Striped Top" in Navy/Black
The picture of  the "Kimono Print Dress" doesn't do the print any justice, you'll have to come in and see for yourself! Since the weather is a bit forgiving right now, I see this dress with a big, black floppy hat and distressed brown leather boots. As it cools down, pair this dress with tights, your favourite pair of black booties, and you're good to go!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We're all brimming with excitement over Ugg's latest bootie: the "Jamison." With its platform front, cone shaped heel, and whip stitch detailing, these booties are the perfect mix of high fashion looks and "real life" wearability...fabulous!!!

"Jamison" in Black

 With ankle length jeans being all the rage, and dresses being worn more frequently into the fall and winter months, these booties will be a constant grab!

Monday, September 24, 2012


So far as celebrity labels are concerned, I don't think there is another "star," except maybe Nicole Richie, whose own image is sooooo evident in their clothing line. I really believe that she would wear, and can actually see Gwen in each of the pieces she designs. The following are just some of the latest and greatest gems from L.A.M.B. Enjoy...

"Block Print Blouse" in Red/Black

"Block Print Blouse" (Back)

"Dip Dyed Top" in Ivory

"Mixed Media Blazer" in Black/Ivory

I am loving the "Mixed Media Blazer" in Black/Ivory!!! Everything about it is spectacular: the cut, the colour, the fit, the leather pockets...STUNNING!!! Can't wait to see this with a simple white tank, leather jeans, and boots!!! Such a modern take on an equestrian inspired jacket! TO DIE.

Odd Molly: Showstopper

Although I do love all the sweaters we just received, there is one that I love slightly more than the rest: the "Egotrip Scarf Cardigan" in Indigo. With its pointelle knit, crochet trimmings, and hand made ties and tassels, this is definitely a "statement" sweater! How gorge would this be thrown over a long tunic, leggings, and boots?!?

"Egotrip Scarf Cardigan" in Indigo

"Egotrip Scarf Cardigan" (Back)
LOVE this!!!

Odd Molly

We received a lovely shipment of Odd Molly today...always a nice surprise!!! As with (all) their previous deliveries, there are some amazing sweaters. Whether worn with a basic tank and jeans, OR as a cover up over a classic sheath dress, these cardigans will definitely get you noticed! Here are our top picks:

"Short Wrap Cardigan" in Indigo

"Canna Cardigan" in Multi

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ella Moss: Colour, Colour, Colour!!!

How yummy are these tops from Ella Moss?!? The colours are absolutely to die for!!! Paired with basic skinnies and boots, either top would provide that perfect hit of colour to any outfit.

*"Marcell Scoop Tank" in Cobalt (left) and "Marcell Tie Neck Top" in Wine (right)

P.J. Salvage...Not Just PJs Anymore

P.J. Salvage, long known for their comfortable "cozies," has branched out into the world of iPhone cases. How adorable are these?!?


If you're someone who likes to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping, I think these would be great stocking stuffers...hint, hint!!!


What's Mabel Wearing???

Mabel's rocking the "true" YU girl style today! After staring at Diane week after week in all  her awesome lace ensembles, Mabel started getting jealous of all the attention she was getting, so she decided she had to pick up a few for herself! Mabel's wearing the "Fanny" in Porcelain, the top that started it all. She's also decided to throw on Joie's "Boyd" top for added layering. To keep the overall look simple, but bold, Mabel accessorized with both Claudia and Catherine Popesco necklaces. She's looking fabulous and ready to represent all the true YU Fashion girls out there. Well done Mabel, you're looking just as fabulous as Diane...well just about!


Vince, a customer fave, can always be counted on for the best in "city" wear; their pieces are consistently chic and elegant, not to mention incredibly comfortable! The following are two of our picks from their most recent delivery:

"Shirt Tail Boatneck Sweater" in Heather Grey

"Ponte Pencil Skirt" in Black
I looooooooove the skirt!!! It's absolute perfection paired with a simple tee and booties, all you'd need to finish off the look is a great leather jacket and statement dressing at its finest, that's for sure!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012


We're ALL loving Wildfox's "Verona Cat Hoodie" in Knight Black. Not only is it unimaginably soft, BUT it has the coolest graphic ever!!! The panther image gives off an edgy yet sophisticated vibe. I see this worn under a fitted leather jacket (hood out, of course!), dark skinny jeans, and black motorcycle boots...FABULOUS!!!

"Verona Cat Hoodie" in Knight Black

 * Also received was the "Apothecary Hippy Tee" in Ceramic White.



"Icon" Jacket in Byzantium

As we've mention earlier, Burgundy is a HUGE colour for fall, and A.D.D.'s latest jacket, the "Icon" is done in the most beautiful shade of wine. Not only will the colour have you standing out in a sea of black, but it'll be a great "companion" to all of this season's blues, browns, and greys. This is a must try for sure!!!

"Old" Favourite!!!

"Prima" in Delight

One of our bestsellers evvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeer is back, AG's "Prima" in Delight. This, is the classic cigarette leg jean that every fashionista should have in her closet. With its dark wash, extreme stretch, and mid-rise, these jeans will be in constant rotation this season, guaranteed!!!


Splendid can always be counted on for great basics. What they do that separates them from their contemporaries, is infuse their pieces with fun prints, and fabulous colour. The following are a few examples of just that:

"Barcelona Stripe Top" received in Blueberry

"Mod Dot Top" received in Midnight

"London Stripe Sweater" in Navy/Black
Whether worn alone or layered, these tops are perfect for the girl on the go!

More From Joie

In addition to the lacy "gems" we received the other day, there were also a few standout pieces. The following are some of our favourites:

"Rancher" Top in Caviar

"Eleanor" Top received in Midnight

"Pearline" Top in Smokey Topaz

Hurry in for a closer look!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jessie Update

As many of you know, Jessie will be spending the next 16 months in London, England. Although we're already feeling her absence (boo!), we're all super excited for her to begin this next chapter of her life. So, just to fill you all in on what she's been up to, here are a few snap shots of her first two weeks overseas:

Stay tuned for "Jessie's Diary"...

Lace! Lace! Lace!

Clearly, this love affair we've been having with lace is no way near finished! In addition to the "Elvia," a store AND personal favourite, we also received the "Nevina," the latest addition to Joie's lace repertoire. How much do I love this top?!? Soooooooo much! I absolutely adore the scalloped, sweetheart neckline and softly rouched sleeves. I think Joie may have started yet another obsession...brace yourselves!

"Nevina" Top in Smokey Topaz

"Nevina" Top in Caviar

To Die!!!

Joie's latest "Elvia" top in Dark Fern is a complete and total STUNNER!!! This is definitely a must have for all you lace aficionados out there. Throw this top on over a basic tank, dark skinnies, and a pair of broken in boots, and you'll have all eyes on you no matter where you are...promise.

Hmmm, this may be my favourite one so far!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Central Park West

If you're looking for an easy, stylish top to "dress up" an old pair of jeans, I've got just the one: CPW's "Highline Top" in Brown. With it's generous cut and timeless print, this blouse is a total no brainer!!!

"Highline Top" in Brown

"Highline Top" + dark skinnies + booties + cropped fur vest = KILLER outfit!!!

7 For All Mankind!!!

Unless you're from another planet, there's a little part (or big part, if you're like me!) in every single one of us that LOVES glitter and sparkles; however, finding the perfect, shimmery denim can be quite the challenge...until now that is! Introducing 7FAM's "Skinny" in Metallic Pewter. This denim is hand sprayed with a metallic silver coating, creating a beautiful lustre that's subtle enough to wear everyday. 
"Skinny" in Metallic Pewter
Glitter lovers rejoice for your perfect pair of sparkly denim!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yosi Samra

Yay, Yosi Samra flats are baaaaccccck!!! It seems like we can never keep up with the demand for these babies, so if you're a fan, OR if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, drop by for a closer look; you will not be disappointed...promise.
"Embossed Ostrich" received in Red and Black

"Pony Hair Leopard" in Camel

Lauren Moshi

Fresh out of the box are these two tops from Lauren Moshi: the "Tess Zebra Tee" in Heather Grey and "Frankie Trucking Raglan" in White/Black.

"Tess Zebra Tee" in Heather Grey

"Frankie Trucking Raglan" in White/Black

You know the snooze, you loose :)
*Maria, your "Frankie" is safely tucked away!

It's A Fringe Party!!!

Well documented here is our obsession with Chan Luu, and at the rate things are going, it isn't going away anytime soon. LOOK...need I say more?!? Didn't think so.


More From HeartLoom

Also received from HeartLoom were the "Camilla Blouse" in Violet and "Amy Dress" in Black...both great stand alone pieces, but amazing layered. I think the "Camilla Blouse" would be fabulous tucked into your favourite trouser styled jeans and topped off with a structured blazer...super polished!!! And, how incredibly sexy would the "Amy Dress" be worn under a cropped leather jacket, opaque tights, and towering booties?!? TO DIE!!! ABSOLUTELY TO DIE!!!

"Amy Dress" in Black
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