Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sale! Sale!! Sale!!!

It's that time of year again...our annual spring sale!!! We've marked down ALL our spring goodies from 30-50% off, so make sure you stop in for a quick look. See you soon!!!

Paige's Pick: Canada Day

So, have you ever received an invitation to an event that you're super excited for, but as you start reading further down the invitation something stops you dead in your tracks, your decision to go to this event just got slightly complicated??? For those of you who have experienced this, you probably know what I'm talking about already, but for those of you who don't, or didn't realize this has happened, I'm about to drop a bomb! I'm talking about the moment you realize it's mandatory that your outfit match a statutory holiday, and ALL of it's colors. An example of this would be an invitation to a Canada Day themed party. Your immediate reaction may be to decline; after all, it's hard enough putting together any outfit for a party, let alone one with strict guidelines, but before you pull the whole, "I think I've come down with something" story, I advise you to keep reading this. I'm here to tell you not to panic. I've put together 3 outfits that suit a wide range of situations you could land in this Canada Day weekend, and help you kick it off to a great start!

The first outfit I chose would be perfect for a night out for dinner and drinks. I've paired the Joie "Barton Top" in Fiery Red with 7FAM's "Slim Straight" capri pants in Clean White. I then added   Melissa "Patchouli" wedges in Beige with a red stripe down the back. For accessories, I used Jocelyn Kennedy beaded bracelets, an Avant Garde crystal ring, and  Rebecca Minkoff 's "Desire Tri-Zip"
satchel in Kiwi. This look definitely fits the guidelines of a red and white themed party!

This next outfit is for a party, or any fun filled evening. I started with the Funktional "Breezy Top" and paired it with the Mackage "Cotton Jacquard Lace" shorts. I used the same Melissa "Patchouli" wedges as I did in the outfit above. To accessorize this look, I chose Chan Luu wrap bracelets, both the fabric and beaded ones, as well as a Rebecca Minkoff "Mini Mac" bag in Eggplant. This look is appropriate for a dressier Canada Day themed party, not to mention will keep you comfortable if you wind up outside for the fireworks!

This third outfit is for a very casual evening out, whether it be in someone's backyard, or at the lake. I started off with the Lauren Moshi "Ginger" top in Rosa, and the AG "Pixie Roll Up Shorts" then added  the Melissa "Harmonic Shoe" in Red/Blue. To accessorize, I used a Linea Pelle wallet, a Chan Luu wrap, and a Tai bracelet. This look is super casual, and great for a laid back evening...even though it's missing that white, you still have enough red to show pride in your country...yay!!!

So, before you throw away that party invitation come to YU, we'll outfit you according to your guidelines, and although we can't guarantee you'll have a great time at the party, we can guarantee you'll be looking stylish no matter what situation you find yourself in this weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's Mabel Wearing???

This week Mabel is showing us how versatile this week’s ensemble truly is. For a prettier, more classic spin, she's traded in her Chan Luu jewels for some Claudia pearls along with a paisley printed Chan Luu scarf. This look is slightly more sophisticated, perfect for Sunday brunch. Mabel will definitely be sitting pretty this long weekend.

Free People

I had a good laugh when I read the name of this shirt ("Reality Bites"), as it really does apply to my shopping habits as of late (I am sure I'm not the only one). Regardless this shirt is a great summer piece: light-weight, and easy...what more could you ask for?

Reality Bites Shirt in Taupe

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's Mabel Wearing???

Mabel's going out for lunch this week, and since Canada Day brings out the boldest colors, she's decided to go neutral before the big weekend!!! Her look is very boho chic, pairing the Ella Moss "Girl's Best Friend" shirt and Funktional's "Star Shorts." Mabel accessorized her look with a "Marbled" Chan Luu scarf, and an assortment of Chan Luu necklaces. This outfit would be perfect with a pair of booties, or wedges to dress it up. Her look is perfect for a windier summer day, and an afternoon out with friends.


Kiki's Current Obsession...

This week, my obsession is more "normal," as apparently loving buttons makes me a "crazy" (admittedly, I am a little bonkers...). I've picked something that combines 4 of my favourites: lace, high-waisted bottoms, blue, and Free People!
Lace has been, and always will be, one of my favourite things! My guy friends always make fun of me for wearing "see through" things, but what do they know?! A girl can NEVER have enough lace!!! I'll admit though, that at times I love lace a little too much. Sometimes I even feel like sending myself to Lace-A-Holics Anonymous meetings...but doesn't everyone need those?

With a brand new summer comes brand new summer fashions. This year, one of my favourites is the high-waisted look...especially on shorts! From dressy shorts to denim cut-offs, I can't get enough, but a look that has made me love this look even more is the combination of a crop top, or bralette with a high waist! It's a look that you either love or hate, and I just LOVE it! Below are just some examples...decide for yourself!

Another thing I am crazy about is the colour blue! Yes, you all know me as Princess Pink, which I will always be, but blue is one of my other colour loves! A deep royal blue is the next best thing to a hot pink. This may come as a shock, but my closet has more blue than it does pink! Weird, right?! Blue is just soooo easy to wear, and adds a pop of colour without stealing the show.

So, when you take a high waist, lace, blue, Free People (my favourite brand!), and put them all together into one, you get the "Scalloped Hem Lace Skort!" It is the perfect pair of shorts, you can dress them up, or dress them down. Wear them high waisted with a crop top if you think you could rock the look, but if you aren't loving it as much as I am, tuck in a silk tank and you're good to go. Any way you wear these shorts, you'll be sure to look amazing!


Chan Luu

Decisions,'s a girl to choose?!?


For those of you eager to start your fall shopping, this is a great start...Vince's "V-Neck Sweater" in Heather Carbon is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. With it's relaxed fit, V-neckline, dolman sleeves, not to mention colour, this sweater will be a constant "go-to" grab!!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

James Perse

If it's the soft, lived in feel that you love most in a t-shirt, you're in luck; we just received James Perse's "Dolman Soft V-Neck Tee" in Black and Prism. Imported from Japan, with it's soft neckline and 3/4 length sleeves, this is the ideal "hanging out" top. Perfect with both jeans and shorts, you'll be living in this all summer!

Dolman Soft V-Neck Tee received in Black and Prism

Saturday, June 23, 2012

More From Moshi!!!

This season we have been seeing a lot of the hi-low trend, from tees to dresses this style seems to be popping up everywhere. Lauren Moshi is no exception, and has introduced the "Wylie Ragan Tee" to it's repertoire. This tee is not for the faint of heart. With it's extreme hi-low hemline, it will definitely have you turning heads!

Wylie Ragan Tee in White

Wylie Ragan Tee in Heather Grey
If you want to push the style envelope just a little further, try pairing this tee with a pair of printed denim. I love the contrast of the edgy graphic tee with a pretty floral or polka dot denim...sooo chic!!!

Lauren Moshi

Frankie Tee in White/Black
This retro baseball tee is back!!! I know that many of you have been lusting after this super soft tee, and for good reason. It is perfect paired with cut-off denim shorts, or with your fav maxi skirt. Hurry in, sizes are limited!!!

Nation Ltd.

For all you die hard fans of Nation Ltd., you will be so happy to know we just received a replenishment shipment of all your favourites!  Styles from the "Magnolia" to the "Monroe," we've got you covered in the basics department, and for your everyday comfort! Have a browse through some of the different pieces we received:

"Tulum Tee" in Black and White Stripe
Oregon Tee (received in Black/Khaki)

"Magnolia Top"

 Hurry in while sizes us, they go fast!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Two of the hottest trends this year have been bold patterned, and colored jeans, so what's better than pairing the two together? Just in from AG is the "Graphic Floral Ankle Legging" jean in Tabasco. Have a look below at the wildest, boldest jeans we have EVER had in!

Red-hot and smokin'??? We think so!

Tye-Dye to Die For!

There is one trend that you can always count on; it's one that will never totally "go out," and is always fun to wear. If you guessed tye-dye, you're right! We just received one piece from C&C California, the " Hi-Lo Tee" in Molten Lava...a tye-dye mix of orange and red, perfect to wear with jeans, and will easily stay in fashion for a long, long time. Not only does this tee have the perfect summer color combination, but it's silky, velvety texture makes it super comfortable to wear. Who could ask for a better everyday shirt???

Charlotte Tarantola

We just received two pieces from Charlotte, both of which are so interesting and finely detailed. The "Jungle Cardigan" in Brown is perfect for a casual day out on the town; the added bit of turquoise on the bottom gives the otherwise neutral sweater a great pop of color. The "Multi Knit Tank" is a great top for day or night; during the day, wear it with a pair of light washed denim and sandals. For evening,  switch up the denim for a darker wash, and add some heels and sparkly jewelry. Nothing's better than having pieces in your waredrobe that are super versatile, yet interesting to wear on their own!

"Jungle Cardigan" in Brown
"Multi Knit Tank" in Multi


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession...

I am a girl of many obsessions from frozen yogurt to painting my nails to, most recently, teacup pigs, so it was inevitable that I would soon have two (!!!) "Current Obsessions" in one week...apparently, this week is the week! The life as one of Kiki's obsessions follows a pretty similar pattern every single time. First, the thing (or person) just about consumes my life. It's all I can think, talk, and dream about...usually I want whatever it is soooo badly that I go near insane. Then, a couple months into my obsession, I begin to forget about it. Give it another month and I will have moved on to something completely new. It's a vicious cycle!

There are VERY few things that have been lifelong loves of mine. One of those loves, as you all already know, is pink! Right after I finished my obsession with brown as a child (weird, I know), pink took over my life! Orange is to oranges as pink is to Kiki!

Though pink is long-lived, an obsession currently in rotation is buttons! They are just so cute and tiny! Put buttons on anything and you'll have me hooked! Especially button-up shirts. The buttons  add a little something extra; to me, it makes a top just look so summery and easy. I absolutely adore buttons!

The Joie "Finnegan Top" in Fuschia is an absolute summer must-have! The colour is amazing; a perfect pink! And believe me, I am a pink expert. It also has the cutest button-up front you have ever seen! It makes the luxurious silk a little more casual, and turns it into something you can wear everyday. Plus the buttons are so tiny, which makes the top even cuter than it already is. I also love the sleeveless look; it adds to the casual chic feel. Pair the top with your favourite pair of denim shorts and a big black floppy hat for a stylish day out in the sun. Rock those adorable little buttons!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bright Color from AG

My colored and printed denim are quickly becoming my go to pieces. Although I still love my dark and light denim, I seem to have developed an obsession for color; I just can't seem to get enough! Luckily colored AND printed denim will be seen well into the fall and holiday seasons, with richer jewel tones making an appearance. Here are two new shades from AG that we will be receiving shortly!!!

Legging Ankle Pant in Turquoise

Legging Ankle Pant in Fuschia

*"Legging Ankle" in Fuschia currently in store, but with limited sizes.

What's Mabel Wearing???

This week Mabel has decided to show us how to wear our maxi dresses, no matter what the weather. Maxis are great on a hot summer's day, but believe it or not, they're equally fabulous on a cold day too! Just layer on your favorite knit sweater and scarf, and you'll be ready to face the elements...or just laze about at home. Mabel is wearing the "Maxi Tank Dress" from C&C California in Purple Orchid with the Joie "Crawford Sweater" in Chalk. A Chan Luu Scarf and jewels finish of this comfy yet stylish ensemble.


C&C California

C&C California has the perfect little maxi for those of you not yet ready to start your fall/winter wardrobe and orange has always been a favourite combination of mine, super bright and cheerful!!!

Maxi Tank Dress in Purple Orchid

This dress would be crazzzzy adorable with flip flops, an armful of wooden jingle jangles, and over sized sunnies, don't you think?!?

Vince, We Heart You!!!

No one does luxe casual wear better than Vince; from their cuts, to their colours, to their fabric choices, no detail is overlooked or considered too small, and that is why we "heart" this line!!!

...not excited about the end of summer, BUT sure looking forward to all the fall fashions, especially from Vince!!!

*Pictured are the "Silk Shirred 1/2 Placket Blouse" in White and "Ribbon Yarn Wide V-Neck Sweater" in Smoke.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession...

I am absolutely in love with the peace sign! It has been, and always will be, one of my favourite things! To me, peace is not just simply peace, but encompasses so many ideologies. Love, unity, understanding, happiness, respect..and the list goes on and on. There are so many layers in this one symbol, not to mention it is so universal. I could get into some long-winded nonsense about why I love the peace sign; and believe me, I could go on forever...I'm just so spiritual (haha, not). But for your sake, I'll stop and just say that if the peace sign were a person, I would definitely marry it.

The next part of my "this week's obsession" is pretty much self explanatory. One word, and you will understand why I am coveting these "Jugar N Spice Peace Sign Earrings"...DIAMONDS!

And if that wasn't enough, they are so teeny and adorable! And I am an absolute sucker for baby sized things (although, this blog has made me realize I am an "absolute sucker" for a lot of things....oops).

 These are perfect every day studs. They add that perfect tiny speck of sparkle to your everyday outfit. So cute and simple! I guarantee you will fall in love with them, just as easily as I have.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

James Perse

You got to love a great basic, and James Perse does it best!

Relaxed V-Neck Tee in Avery (also received in Prism)

Raw Edge Ragan Pullover in Prism

Elastic Waist Kimono Dress in Black

Darted Cami Dress in Tempest


Soft Joie

More super comfy and stylish pieces from Soft Joie. I'm especially loving the "Fidel Top" with dark denim the tye-dye print!

Fidel Top in Dark Navy

Crimson Top (received in Porcelain/Navy)

Jamaica Dress in Dark Heather

Starry, Starry Night

AG sure doesn't disappoint!!! So loving these "Legging Ankle" jeans in Stars Denim...

Completely loving how these are styled...basic tee and booties, can't get any simpler than that!!!

Again, OMG!!! OMG!!!

Yay, they're finally here, AG's "Legging Ankle" in Pin Dot Black and  Pin Dot Red!!! Super adorable, no?!?

These would look unbelievable with a silk button up shirt tucked in, with a fitted blazer and pumps...OR, for a more whimsical look, try pairing either with Joie's "Fanny" and/or "Elvia" tops.

Definately a "MUST-HAVE!"
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