Saturday, December 8, 2012

What's Mabel Wearing???

Mabel's relationship status has recently changed from SINGLE to DATING!!! YUP, you guessed it, she's now dating the guy she was crushing on; that didn't take long, did it? Obviously, the date went well!!!

 Although progressing rather rapidly, their relationship is off to a very good start! They've been seeing each other daily, and we've all noticed a BIG change in Mabel's mood. She's never been so happy :)

That being said, her "boyfriend" has recently told her their relationship will have to be put on hold for a week or so as he studies for his upcoming finals. This bit of news hasn't upset Mabel at all; instead, she's decided to sport a preppy look this week to cheer him on. She's wearing Lamb's "Mixed Media" blazer and a Lauren Moshi panther "Frankie" tee. For accessories, Mabel has layered on not only a Chan Luu scarf, but loads of crystal and stone necklaces by Jocelyn Kennedy.

Hopefully, she WON'T be tooooo much of a distraction...

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