Friday, December 21, 2012

Paige's Pick: New Year's Eve Edition

I know some of you probably read the title of this blog post and thought to yourselves, "I haven't even thought that far in advance let alone, what I'll be wearing!" Well, if you ladies who thought this are anything like me, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, New Year's, and ALL the other holidays throughout the year creep up and surprise me out of nowhere, every single time. Although it may seem premature, I've put together some outfits that can be of guidance to you if you end up in an outfit bind on New Year's Eve at 8pm, not knowing what in the world to wear! The following three outfits were chosen for different New Year's Eve celebrations. Have a look below and see if you have your outfit picked out by the end of this post!

This first outfit is for those of you who would rather spend the evening at home eating delicious snacks and watching movies than out painting the town red!  I kept this outfit extremely casual, but not sooooo much that you'd be embarrassed answering the door! I chose the new Splendid "Vintage Whisper U-Neck" tee and Velvet's "Bambi" pants in Navy. To complete this simple ensemble, I've added the perfect shoe, the Ugg "Coquette" slippers in Grey. This is the comfiest outfit that you could possibly find; however, if  you decided to accessorize it, I'd throw on some pink stained lip never know who could burst through your front door at the stroke of midnight!

This second outfit is for an evening at a friend's house. The outfit I put together is funky and super cool; I love the combination of Vince's silky "Dolman" top in Lime with something as feminine as 7FAM's "Skinny" jeans in Gold Brocade. For accessories, I used the Ash "Dune" booties in Black and Rebecca Minkoff's "Mini Mac" in Grey. To bring the whole look together, I chose a vintage inspired Claudia necklace. This outfit is a sure winner if you're looking for something easy and bold  that you'll be sure to wear again! Don't hesitate on loading up on the bracelets as well, remember...more is more!

This final outfit is for those of you who have formal plans and are going to be out on the town. I used Joie's "Maribeth" dress in Caviar and Taupe, and accessorized the look with a Catherine Popesco crystal necklace. Both the dress and necklace are stunning pieces that speak for themselves. For shoes, I chose Ash's "Dune" booties in Black, a basic pump in either black or nude would also look great with this dress. This classic look holds so much potential for you to personalize your look and show off your own style.

Hope this makes getting dressed for NYE a little easier...

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