Friday, December 21, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession...

Style and comfort are two things that should ALWAYS go together! I've learned to never sacrifice one for the other, especially when it comes to shoes!!! Never let yourself fall victim to wearing slippers or Crocs in public, no matter how "comfy" it is; however, it goes the other way too,  sometimes we let comfort take a backseat to looks when it comes to the latest styles. How many of us have suffered through the pain of super uncomfortable heels, only because they were THE perfect shoe, and you HAD to have them? I'm no stranger to wearing beautiful shoes, all while gritting my teeth, faking a smile, and desperately searching for the nearest seat.
But, I've come to learn NO shoe is worth the painful struggle, no matter how fabulous they are. That was a sad, sad realization...until Yosi Samra came around! I call them the "Saviour Shoes!" Their ballet flats feel like you're walking around barefoot, yet they're more than durable for a night out. You can fold them up in your bag for when those gorgeous heels are becoming more traumatizing than trendy, and the best part, each pair is super trendy and unique. It was hard to choose a favourite, but right now, I am absolutely loving studs (especially on shoes and accessories) and I am a long time glitter fanatic, so I chose the "Black Glitter Cap Toe Stud Fold-Up Flat." The studs are so cool and add a hint of edge to any outfit.
Whether you start your night out in a pair of these, or fold them up in your bag to save yourself from those beautiful, yet pinching heels, you'll quickly come to see why I call these "Saviour Shoes" and why everyone (from me to Hollywood stars) are obsessed with them!!!

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