Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Paige's Pick: Business Attire

Being a procrastinator is hard! Tomorrow I have a presentation for one of my business classes, and I'm prepared in all aspects, or at least I thought I was until the realization kicked in...I don't know what to wear!!! I headed straight for my closet and found myself looking for black pants and a white button down shirt, the quintessential "business" look. I stopped. Why was I looking for something so predictable???  I decided it was time to get that notion out of my head, and hopefully yours as well by the end of this blog; business isn't necessarily always black and white suits! This week's pick is all about dressing business appropriate, being able to incorporate said pieces into your everyday wardrobe, and finally, having fun dressing up while keeping it professional! YU will help you through your battles with your closet; all that's left to do is rock the presentation!

I put together the classic woman's suit, but with a twist that all of you should be willing and able to incorporate into your business closet: color! I started off with Joie's "Entenza" top in Porcelain, and paired it with Vince's "Side Strapping" dress pants in Black. For a punch of color I added the Rebecca Taylor "3 Ply Becky" blazer in one of this season's most popular shades, Royal Blue. This refreshingly classic business look is accessorized by two Jocelyn Kennedy necklaces. To top it off, add a watch and a great pair of pumps. If you're nervous about your presentation, and all of a sudden find the air-conditioned room you're in weirdly warm, no need to panic, the "Entenza" top is a t-shirt style, so taking your blazer off will NOT be an issue. This outfit includes some of the best investment pieces: a basic silk tee, black dress pants (which are extremely flattering), and finally a blazer that can act both as a casual or a business blazer.

This second outfit is for the average winter work day. I started off with Autumn Cashmere's "French Lace" sweater in Sandbox, and added Vince's "Side Strapping" dress pants in Black. Although not shown, ideally I would pair this outfit with an arm party of assorted bracelets, along with a simple pair of stud earrings. This outfit will keep you warm and looking sophisticated; I love the lace detail on this sweater!!! GORGEOUS.

This next outfit is for those of you who are daring and want to take risks. Before you dismiss this, and skip to the next blog post, I promise this outfit isn't too wacky! I chose the Rebecca Taylor "Snake Print" blouse in Buff, along with the same Vince "Side Strapping" dress pants that were used in the other outfits. Because this top is funky, I kept the jewellery minimal, and just used a Chan Luu Botswana Agate necklace. My suggestion would be to add a watch to this outfit too, but if you were to wear this outfit out for an evening with jeans, there are endless possibilities for the arm parties to be had, and necklaces to be added!

Since we're talking business here, in all the outfits I included the Rebecca Minkoff "Mac Daddy" bag in either Black or Chocolate; this is the perfect purse and briefcase combo! Oh, did I mention it can also hold your Ipad too? Genius!

A first impression never looked so easy!!!

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