Thursday, December 29, 2016

Style Highlight: Thigh Grazers

Spotted on Hollywood's fashion jet set as well as street style stars, OTK boots are THE chicest shoe of the season. Perfect day or night, with an incredible range of options from suede to leather as well as heel height and colour choices, this fashion MUST has been seen styled with oversized sweaters, skirts, dresses, and even shorts.

Because they cover so much of an individual's lower half, OTK boots run the risk of making the legs appear "heavier" than they are. Combat this by adding height by way of a heel, a stiletto heel to be exact. The added lift this provides helps to lengthen the legs making them seem longer and leaner. A general rule of thumb is the snugger the fit around the leg, the slimmer the look. While they look  AMAZING with a great variety of things, we're particularly fond of heeled thigh grazers paired with another of this season's hottest trends, the slip dress. This combo, popularized by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, is both fresh and modern. As supermodels, they need not be concerned with the length of boot, for the rest of us mere mortals, it's incredibly important when pairing them with dresses or anything else for that matter, that a flash of skin remains visible. This little bit of "exposure" keeps the look light and not too overdone. When wearing tights with this look, just make sure that a wide enough gap is present between the bottom of the "top" and the top of the boot.

For those who find heeled OTK boots rather intimidating, have no fear, style does NOT have to be sacrificed for comfort...flat soled varieties are aplenty and can be just as high-impact! Decidedly more relaxed, we're loving them paired with second-skin skinnies for a timeless effect. A slim pair of jeans shows off the shape of the leg so long as the top paired with them is not too long, billowy, or shapeless. Same rule of thumb applies with these as well...make sure enough of the upper portion of the leg remains visible between the top and boot. While vast in variety, generally speaking, boots that finish slightly above the knee give off a casual semi-equestrian vibe while ones that creep higher up the leg appear trendier and, in some cases, sexier.

Barely scratching the surface with our descriptors of OTK boots, one can easily see how the addition of such an item would be a game changer in a fashion lover's wardrobe. Objectively "simple", these boots have the power to transform an outfit's overall mood; they can make an insignificant ensemble cool, an ordinary one edgy, and a dated one current. As with everything in fashion, the trick is all in finding the right one, so, go ahead, start trying...


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