Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Style Highlight: '90s Layering, cont'd

Anine Bing in her "Deep V Lace Cami" and "Striped Long Sleeve"

The '90s are alive and well and, much to some of our dismay, this choker-wearing-crop-top-and-mom-jeans era is making itself comfortable in 2017.

One of our favourite looks is layering a cami over a tee. Take note from everyone's favourite '90s fashionista, Cher (Clueless, anyone?), and aim for a classic black spaghetti strap over a white crew neck to start. Styling this look is as easy as it is versatile. Distressed jeans, a denim mini skirt, and sneakers are all you need for a casual outing. 

This look has us OBSESSED, and you'll soon find us in countless derivatives of this "trend" this season and beyond.

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