Monday, November 7, 2016

Style Highlight: Trend SPOT-ting

Once upon a time, leopard print anything was thought of as a "trendy" piece, so much so that some even shied away from it thinking that the look couldn't possibly last, therefore would not be a wise or worthwhile purchase. My, how things have changed!!! While some may think the spotted trend is still just that, a trend...something fleeting that will run its course in due time, we prefer to look at this feline print as a CLASSIC. To us, it WAS, IS, and forever WILL BE chic, sophisticated, and fashionably relevant. Accepting this, the question is now how do we use it in real time, on real people to get the most impact and mileage?!!

Velvet's "Celine Coat" in Saharan has been an instant HIT for us this season. Lightweight with a clean, simple cut, this feline topper looks AMAZING thrown over anything and everything. While the obvious choice would be to pair it with a monochromatic palette of some kind seeing as the coat itself is the "star", we prefer instead to pair it with something a little less conventional, something with a LOT more interest as evidenced by Joie's "Dulce Dress" in Deep Marine. Lightweight and airy, the autumnal colours do not match the coat per se, but rather offsets it creating a nice balance of sorts...your eye then is not focused solely on any one particular item, but rather takes in the entire ensemble as a whole. In days past, having so much stimulus in any one look would've been "too much", but nowadays, it's precisely this pushing of the envelope that makes it new and fresh. Of course, one could NEVER go wrong by pairing this spotted print with wardrobe staples such as a basic tee and skinny jeans, but how much more exciting would the combo be when paired with a graphic tee and statement necklace or textured, lacy dress?!! It's difficult at times for sure to get out of the matching, formulaic mindset of dressing, especially if it's been a long programmed one; however, if possible, breaking out of this style "rule", will open one up to endless fashion possibilities.

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