Friday, May 30, 2014

Britt's Must Have!!!

Choosing a "must have" for this week was OH SO SIMPLE!!! I've been eyeing up Jenny Bird's "Stella Collar" for weeks now, and its definitely at the top of my "lengthy" list!

 One word...AMAZING!!! 

 Comprised of many elements, this "collar" is incredibly versatile; it's both edgy and classy, and can be worn with anything from a jeans and tee outfit to a black, silk jumpsuit and heels. Containing both gold and silver, it makes the process of mixing metals less challenging for those who find it so.

 I LOVE the detail in this necklace, not only are there chains in the front, but the back is beautifully finished with vertically hanging metal tassels. Because of this, it looks super cool when, and if, you ever wanted to wear your hair up! Also, it has a ridiculously cool leather fastener in the back, which not only looks cool, but is super comfy around your neck!


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