Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession...

I think I have a problem. Unfortunately, they don't have meetings to cater to an addiction quite like mine, unless you've heard of a "Wildfox Anonymous?!" Cleaning out my closet yesterday, I discovered the extent of my addiction. It's literally a Wildfox paradise in my room, I swear I own enough to rival Bloomingdales!!! I wish I could tell you I'm going to cure myself, but that's like saying cupcakes will one day taste bad (which is impossible, right?!), but I'm sure all you Yu customers can relate; we all have that one brand we can't break up with. I seriously hate how much I love Wildfox. What's your "hate to love" brand???
My favourite Wildfox pieces are always the sweaters. They're SO comfy...perfect for bundling up in. A classic, yet surprisingly recent addition to my collection, was the "Lennon Sweater." From lounging in my house to going shopping, I wear it everyday. The knit is amazing: luxurious and cozy, yet light weight. You'll never look drab in a Lennon either, the prints are always so funky and playful. They add a much needed spark to any dull day; they're definitely my happy sweaters!
So, this week I chose the "Lennon Sweater" in All Over Love!!! It honestly feels like you're wrapped in your favourite blanket, and there's nothing I love more! I absolutely ADORE the heart print. It's slightly cartoon-esque, yet with a grown up flair, and how could you not love a sweater covered in pink hearts??! I always wear mine with leggings, the ultimate comfort outfit.
I'm obviously not alone in my obsessions...celebrities all over are sporting their "Lennon Sweaters!" If anyone catches wind of "Wildfox Anonymous," sign me up ASAP!!!

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