Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession...

     I am probably the only Yu girl who barely wears jewelry, and isn't a fan of the "bigger the better" and "more is more" mottos. I love admiring all our sparkly baubles, but the minute I try it on, everything I loved about it, I now don't like. Because of this, I stick to the simpler more delicate pieces that most people overlook...I'm so misunderstood (haha). However, I still dream about wearing the "in-your-face" pieces, and wish they could combine the funky elements with the dainty sizes I love, and just when I thought I could never find a perfectly balanced bracelet...
     ...we brought in Ellie Phont! They took every aspect of the chunky jewelry that I am a theoretical fan of, and downsized it to cute Kiki-sized bracelets. I absolutely LOVE them! They are so tiny and adorable, but still unique and playful. I finally found the balanced bracelets I've been dreaming of! Even all of you crazies who pile on the jewels will love these...they will fit right into any of your arm parties, or in my case, "arm gatherings."

    These are my 3 favourites!! Sooo cute, fun, original, and did I mention cute?! Of course, you are welcome to invite as many bracelets as you'd like to your arm party, but my bracelet clique is rather exclusive. I love the pops of colour from both the Buddha and skull beads, and the shimmery baubles are so pretty! These are actually the bracelets of my dreams.

Finally, my search ends...


  1. "crazies"????? ouch Kiki that hurts

  2. Don't worry about that.....the team of "more is more" would and could consider the "other side" the "crazies" LOL


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