Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kiki's Current Obsession...

I'm finally back!!! And of course, I have obsessions up to my eyeballs and then some!! Because it's been so long, I absolutely MUST update you on my top 5 lists. I say "lists" because I have a permanent top 5, and my ever changing top 5, which I usually include in my posts. You're in for a surprise get to see my permanent top 5, which is more like a top 1 million with all my 'ties' (this is so exciting)!!! Without further ado, here it is:

1. Peace signs and pink
2. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry
3. "Pretty Little Liars" and "The Walking Dead"
4. Painting my nails
5. Caramel!

 Now back on track to the "current obsessions"...

2. Online Shopping
3. Cadbury Creme Eggs
4. Headbands and head jewelry
5. Green
So, due to my current #1, I have chosen Free People's "Lake Tahoe Cardi"!!! First of all, it's a knit, and second of all, it's a knit. If there was ever anything made for fall/winter weather, it' guessed it...knits.

I love chunky, over sized cardigans and sweaters with a vintage feel, and it's very difficult to find a versatile, chunky knit; however, this one hits it out of the park! Actually, Free People knits in general are usually the bomb (it was hard to just choose one!). It's super cozy and can be layered without getting too bulky. Also the colour is PERFECT! It's not only a classic fall colour, but it's just my kind of colour (note how my #5 obsession is green...). As far as versatiliy goes, this is a 10/10. I can see this with my favourite Wildfox tee, jeans, and dark brown boots (with the top bit of some knit socks peeking out, I love that look), and a saggy toque!!! So, knit-lovers, feed your addiction with this cardi and more by Free People! I'm honestly in knit-heaven!

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