Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Transition Footwear

We've been getting lots of questions about what kind of footwear will take you from winter into spring. Sometimes I know it seems that we live in fashion "fantasyland" here at Yu, but we are actually pretty practical (yes, we are!!!). We came up with a list of 3 must-have footwear styles that will be perfect year round.

1. Peep Toe Booties

The peep-toe bootie is probably the most versatile of all three options because it is so easy to take from casual to dressy,  and from winter into spring. Jessica Alba shows us three ways to wear the peep-toe bootie. For now, wear them with dark skinny jeans and a thick, chunky sweater. Come spring, I love Jessica's look with the rolled jeans and tee. To push the booties for yet another season, Alba bares her legs in a cute printed dress. To get the look at Yu, we have the Ash "Dune" bootie, which the beautiful Miranda Kerr is pictured in.

2. Motorcycle Boots

This is my (Jerd) personal favorite footwear, you will see me in my beat up motorcycle boots at least 5/7 days of the week. They are super versatile and add a little edge to a more feminine outfit. Kate Moss and Jessica Biel show how to wear the motorcycle boots now with skinny jeans, oversized tops, and a jacket. Of course, if you are more daring, you can do the motorcycle boot for a night on the town with a sequin skirt, or top. Rachel Bilson is wearing the perfect spring outfit with motorcycle boots; I love her printed dress and denim jacket...such an easy spring uniform. To get the look at Yu, we have the Ash "Russia" boot.

3. Desert/Western Booties

The desert boot is the perfect compromise between the peep-toe booties and motorcycle boot because it has the casualness of a motorcyle boot, but with more height. I love these boots with skinny jeans and a thick wool sweater a la Katie Holmes. Michelle Williams shows us we can wear footwear other than UGGs in the winter, pairing her boots with a parka. Some women think they cannot wear boots with shorts, but seriously you can as long as the boot is not too heavy! I love the look of bare legs and  boots in the spring/ is something unexpected!

These three footwear options will easily carry you through any season, and make dressing at any temperature stress-free!

See, aren't we practical???


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  8. i work at Forever 21 and have been struggling to adapt to the fashion aspect of the job. Your blog was very helpful. I love these boots & wanted to know how to wear them. its important for me to have nice shoes that are also comfortable so i can wear while i scramble through the store putting clothes away. Thank you for the visual depiction of the variety of ways you can wear these. You may have inspired the fashionista within ;-) thanks again!


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