Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paige's Pick: Functional Frill Top

This outfit for Paige's Pick was inspired for those who like to play out the "Func" in Functional. This Functional "Frill Top" is a great silk top if you're going out for girl's night! The femininity is prominent, yet still is easily changable into something cooler and fresh, all you have to do is add some black cargo James Jeans, or any cargos for that matter, a pair of Ugg leather boots, and some Karyn Chopik metal jewelry. If you're looking for added height, try a pair of the "Dune" booties from Ash...super funky and cool!

So cool you'll be blowing people away as you saunter on by!

*Claire, what do you think? Is it a winner???

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